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What is DPF Cancellation?

Every type of vehicle has different features and engine types. Trucks and heavy-duty cars are equipped with more powerful engines. Among the endless number of parts of these engines, the DPF is an integral part that you can find in almost any diesel engine. DPF refers to the diesel particulate filter that works by removing dirt, debris and soot from the diesel burning in the engine. So why do people remove DPF?

DPF wiper kits are widely available in the market and are now attracting a lot of attention from users who want to improve their engine performance. Let's take a look at how DPF deletion works.

What is DPF Wipe?

With advancing technology, diesel engines now require elaborate procedures to add or remove anything from them. Similarly, a DPF removal kit is used to remove the DPF. These kits are used to get rid of the DPF that has accumulated and become clogged with diesel soot and debris. Also this kit ensures that your engine can run normally without DPF.

All these kits come with two main components that include a tuner and an exhaust. The tuner takes care of the software it configures and equips the motor to run without a DPF. These kits come with bolts that can be mounted to your truck quickly and easily. You should make sure that the kit you buy comes with these bolts and is fully compatible with your vehicle. In addition, expert mechanics or experienced people code the system and ensure that the sensors in your engine are not damaged after disassembly with the tuner. Among our services, DPF Removal software allows your vehicle to run without DPF.

What Are the Benefits of DPF Cancellation?

Many people wonder why they should remove the DPF from their engine and if this has any positive effect. People also say that DPF can damage your engines, and in reality most users who have removed it have experienced improvements in engine horsepower, fuel economy, lifespan and responsiveness. After removal of the DPF, it is possible to use biofuels as there is no problem with the DPF filter anymore.

Increase in Horsepower

The easiest and most reliable way to increase your engine's horsepower is to remove the DPF. The DPF changes the overall power and performance of the engine as it becomes clogged, delaying the exhaust process and ultimately causing major disturbances. Without it, air flows back into the engine better and faster, leading to more pressure and better power production.

Improved Fuel Mileage

As the DPF is clogged, it increases the back pressure. Because of this pressure, the fuel flow is greatly disturbed and slowed down. Therefore, when you remove this filter, the fuel flows much easier and faster, increasing the overall fuel consumption.

Save on Replacement Costs

If the DPF is damaged, it can be very costly to replace. So before anything goes wrong and requires replacement, remove it completely.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Because the DPF fills up quickly and can cause problems for the engine, you will need to have it checked and cleaned frequently. This will increase your maintenance costs and cause great financial hardship. Therefore, investing in a DPF removal kit once and for all is a better alternative.

Does DPF Wiping Affect Performance?

As mentioned earlier, removing the DPF definitely increases the horsepower and as a result affects the torque and mileage of the engine. Therefore, the deletion of the DPF has a rather positive effect on the performance of the engine. You will also notice increased acceleration response and efficiency after removing the DPF. This is because your engine becomes more responsive after removal as it gets more power and better fuel flow to run. Therefore, the overall performance of your vehicle will be enhanced by DPF wiping.

Can I Delete My DPF Without Tuner?

We strongly recommend that you do not remove the DPF without the tuner. DPF is found in most new cars equipped with a range of sensors. These sensors can be highly degraded and fail if even a single part is removed without configuration.

This affects the functionality of your engine and could cost you much more in the future. If you have never used a tuner before, you should opt for expert help rather than removing the DPF without it. And without the tuner, you won't notice much difference in performance and mileage. You need to code and configure your engine to run without a DPF.