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What is EGR Cancellation?

EGR cancellation is a common question asked by car enthusiasts. Bad symptoms of the EGR valve often cause drivers to wonder whether it is better to wipe the EGR or remove it completely. EGR clearing causes the EGR to be canceled and a gasket is installed inside the valve to prevent gas access. Also, since EGR is now turned off, a new software update is required.

Over time, parts of the EGR system become covered with deposits, even on a well-maintained engine. Diesel engines are more prone to this problem due to soot found in their exhaust. Frequent short-distance travel will speed up the process in diesel engines. The EGR valve is the first to be damaged by soot. These deposits prevent the valve from closing tightly and the valve will get stuck in some positions causing engine failures. These malfunctions manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the position in which the valve is suspended. Additionally, the consequences of a stuck valve vary depending on the engine type and the design of the EGR.

More often than not, EGR malfunctions lead to erratic idling (variable revs) and the engine often stalls and loses power. Vibration may also occur during acceleration and hard starting. Explosions and misfires can occur with gasoline engines and diesel engines become "rough" to run. On diesel engines, a stuck EGR valve reduces turbocharger performance. In some cars, if the EGR system is bad, the ECU will put the engine in emergency mode, which means its performance will be limited.

What are the Reasons for Drivers to Ask for EGR Cancellation?

The service life of the EGR valve is limited. It can last up to 150,000 kilometers, depending on the make and model of the car. But in harsh conditions, it rarely lasts up to 70,000 km. The main reasons why drivers want to delete or cancel EGR are:

  • High cost of repair and maintenance;
  • EGR valve is difficult to clean
  • In case of violation of the recirculation mode, negative consequences for the engine

A proper circulation depends on the fuel quality. When you add poor quality fuel containing high sulfur compounds and additives, soot should be cleaned 1-2 times a year. For this reason, drivers prefer to get rid of this problem by canceling the EGR.

What are the Benefits of EGR Erase?

We can collect the benefits of EGR cancellation under the following headings:

Increase fuel efficiency

When you restore your diesel engine power levels, you also regain overall fuel efficiency. The EGR wiper kit allows you to send the exhaust gas out of the engine, making it run cleaner.

Improves Performance in Modified Diesel Engines

The EGR system in modified diesel engines gives the same result as unmodified ones. Wipe kits create the same results regardless of your vehicle's engine type. EGR wipe kit solves your performance issues and simultaneously improves gas mileage.

EGR kit lowers engine temperature

When the EGR system valve or coolers become clogged with soot, exhaust gases begin to circulate through the system more frequently. Clogging causes a rise in temperatures around the engine. With EGR cancellation, your vehicle can produce lower levels of exhaust gas and a lower temperature when running, which cools the engine.

Improves throttle response

An EGR deletion modification gives your vehicle more power and improves throttle response without sacrificing engine life or fuel economy.

In addition to the above advantages;

  • Disabling the EGR virtually eliminates the recirculation of burnt gas in the intake manifold, increasing engine power.
  • In some cases, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is reduced due to the increased intake of fresh air.
  • The problem of oil leaking from the EGR zone due to valve wear will disappear when cancelled.
  • Provides reduction in exhaust fumes.
  • No need for maintenance and replacement of expensive components.

Are There Any Disadvantages of EGR Erase?

The benefits of EGR deletion are many, but we can also mention some disadvantages. Common disadvantages of EGR deletion:

  • If you delete the EGR, there may be a problem if the vehicle is under warranty.
  • There may be emissions damage other than those specified in the vehicle manual.
  • The color of the exhaust gases is more pronounced and may be white smoke or slightly black.

How to Cancel EGR?

For EGR cancellation, you can use our EGR cancellation service on our website. If your vehicle has an EGR fault or you want it to work with full performance, you can contact us from the contact numbers on our site. Our engineers adjust the original file of your vehicle according to your demands.

Conclusion and Recommendations

This procedure has advantages and disadvantages. If the vehicle is older and does not have a very advanced exhaust gas recirculation system, this cancellation cannot damage the engine. The disadvantage of cancellation for older engines can be the emission of pollutants. You can get information about the EGR removal software program on our website.